Folk Life

Folk Life
   Launched in 1963, Folk Life is the journal of the *Society for Folk Life Studies, and since 1973 has borne the subtitle 'A Journal of Ethnological Studies'. Folk Life covers all parts of the British Isles, as well as including some articles from abroad, and many of its contributors are museum professionals. Although the core of most volumes concentrates on the physical side of traditional life; crafts, buildings, tools, costume, farming techniques, transport, and domestic life, for example, the journal has also included many important articles on less tangible folklore topics such as custom, narrative, and medicine, and it remains one of the few essential journals for British folklorists to read. From its inception, a feature of the journal has been its excellent photographs and other illustrations.
   ■ Editors: J. Geraint Jenkins (1963-79), William Linnard (1980-90), Roy Brigden (1991- ).

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